Have lunch at our restaurant on bank holidays and special occasions!

We look forward to seeing you on festivity days, to spend a pleasant day in our company, with our cooking art!

Our menu program:

  • Appetizers

    Caramelized Tuma (stage of pecorino production before adding salt and maturation); cuzzola (fried dough) with olives; salami; goat cheese; stuffed mushrooms; roasted artichokes; arancini with wild fennel; vegetables in batter; bruschetta; focaccia; grilled mushrooms.

  • Main courses

    Home-made maccheroni in ragù; Trofie with wild fennel.

  • Second courses

    Roasted lamb with potatoes; meat rolls; sausage; barbecued pork-chops.

  • Dessert

    Cassatelle with ricotta cheese.

  • Children’s menu

    Pasta with tomato sauce, cutlet with french fries and a ride on the pony

Price per adult: €25
Children from 1 to 8 years of age: €12

Included in the menu are spring water and local wine.
Our menu could have variations according to the availability of our self-produced ingredients.

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