All the activities of the farm are reserved for guests staying overnight in the structure.

Playing in the nature An opportunity for everyone: young and adults!

Mountain Trail Horse

Come and try: it will be fun for you and your kids!

It is a discipline that allows you to test your horse’s ability within a course consisting of a minimum of six up to a maximum of ten natural and artificial obstacles. With a horse at your disposal you put yourself to the test and with courage and confidence you face the various obstacles to create a close-knit combination in perfect harmony with the animal. The route is evaluated based on the degree of difficulty of the obstacle to be overcome.The mountain trail can be done by riders of all ages and with any level of experience.


For your children this will be the opportunity to see and ride a real pony, safely guided by our instructors. This is what you call fun for the whole family

Dynamic Soft-air shooting gallery

Soft-air is a playful sport activity based on techniques and tactics for military use. Precision, power and speed are the three main features of dynamic shooting on the basis of which the ability of the shooter are tested. Exciting simulations, precision-challenge, fair confrontations with your opponents… One more reason to visit our park. The Farmhouse puts at your disposal the equipment to entertain you safely… and may the best win!

Test your accuracy, aim and… Shoot!

Minimum age 14 years


Archery is a sport of ancient origins. Does a little Robin Hood hide inside you? Pity we are not in Sherwood Forest and you will not be able to steal the rich to give to the poor but… grab the legendary bow and challenge your friends! Learn the techniques… Aim at the yellow circle… You need concentration, calm and cold blood!

See how good you are!

Minimum age 14 years

QUAD Experience this adventure with us!

Guided excursions by quad
€55 (duration: 1,5h approx. – Alcantara Valley).

This excursion is exclusive to those guests who have booked a room.

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