Let me introduce myself… I’m Rita!

I was born and brought up in this valley which is kissed by the sun, crossed by streams and
dominated by Mount Etna. I breed my animals and nurture fruits & vegetables naturally. I created a village with natural products in respect of the territory and today I have the pleasure of welcoming you here. Of course we only use fresh products, using raw materials according to the season: the menus vary depending on the availability of the moment.

The restaurant is available only for guests staying overnight in the structure.

Rita’s cuisineBreed animals, cultivate the garden, prepare jams and preserves…

This is how Rita spends her days when she is is not in the kitchen. But when the time has come, that’s when she starts creating, in a combination of simple and genuine ingredients; serving tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners – unique and unforgettable from Sicilian folk tradition. The restaurant is the kingdom of Rita, who cooks what she grows and breeds..

A simple and genuine cuisine ZERO-MILE FOOD, of which basic ingredients are local products. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are tasty, unique and unforgettable, as well as jams, preserves and cheeses.

I found just the place that I wanted, totally immersed in nature with a stupendous view on the Etna, the little huts are cute, with the well tended gardens and environmental impact is practically zero compared to the rest that can be found in Sicily. Relaxing place with lots of animals and a myriad of activities. Dinner is excellent and breakfast equally. For those who are fond of nature and
tranquillity, we strongly recommend it. Comment left on Booking.com

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