We learn from nature…
Visit the farm

Visit our farm, you will be able to discover the rural environment, the origin of food and the processing techniques of the typical products of the dairy, through contact with the countryside, animals and peasant life. The farm experience, for both adults and children, is characterized by a strong emotional, bodily and experiential involvement. This also in order to give visitors a new environmental awareness that guides them to conscious consumption and active behavior in safeguarding the environment.

Not only relax… are you ready for a constructive holiday?Visit often our website to be informed about activities, events and promotions of the structure.

We propose the following activities:

  • Production of goat’s milk and its derivatives, from milking to their realisation;
  • Collection of fruit and vegetable products;
  • You can see our animals in their natural habitat (ducks, hens, rabbits, peacocks, pigs, horses and goats).

Not only cheese
Our dairy factory and its production

Our family follows an ancient dairy tradition transformed into a small family farm. We have our goats with feed of high quality and with pastures and spontaneous fodder, to ensure a constant quality of the milk, which retains all its nutritive unique principles, rich in antioxidants. From the use of this milk we create our genuine dairy products.

Take home the quality of our products Visit us and take with you some genuineness.

In our dairy factory we perform the production of cheeses strictly only with goat milk. Salami, yogurt, goat cheese, tuma, ricotta, nuts and chestnuts will enrich your table: it is possible to buy our products, for you to bring in your homes the flavours that the Alcantara Valley offers. Our products ensure the genuineness of our cuisine.

Goats make you hello…

The rearing of goats is an ancient practice. They are strong animals, intelligent and curious, and can adapt to different climatic conditions. The farm extends over an area of 50 hectares where they are free to graze. Our breeding of goats consists of two groups: the “Messinese” race, adapted to our territory, it loves open grazing in the wild; the “Maltese” race, recently adopted. The goat milk is rich in proteins and has a low fat content.

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